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Hawkhurst Wines

Organic Life   in New Zealand
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P.O. Box 8244,Havelock Nth H.B.

Mon - Fri 9AM - 9PM
Saturday 9AM - 9PM
Sunday 9AM - 9PM

About Hawkhurst Estate

Hawkhurst Estate. Classical Aged Red Wine.Hawkhurst Estate is a family owned & family run operation headed by Jon P. Smith and his two sons Jon B. Smith and Phillip Smith. The family believes in producing high-quality traditionally made wines and this is reflected in every aspect of production. Only estate-grown, not overseas imported grapes, are used and their influence on every aspect of production ensures that high standards are met at every instance.

Here at Hawkhurst Vineyards we have always wanted to market and produce wines of quality which have been made from organically grown grapes. We believe in the health benefits of drinking quality red wines in moderation. Our homes are built in our vineyards so we are very aware of the adverse effects of using the unknown chemicals in corporate brand name herbicides, and fungicides on our long term health.
100% New Zealand Grown, 100% New Zealand Made

Hawkhurst Estate. Malbec We have seen the opportunity to market 100% New Zealand wine with so many New Zealand corporate wineries choosing to market Spanish, Chilean and Australian wine blended with New Zealand wine. We believe there is a gap in the New Zealand market for the small producer producing a 100% New Zealand grown wine.

Red wine has been proven through scientific research to break down cholesterol in the arteries. Doctors have recognised the health benefits of drinking a modest amount of red wine every day.

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