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Southland Organic Magazines. Food and everything Organic in New Zealand at your fingertips to live an Organic life in New Zealand

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Print Listing - Soil & Health Association - Organic NZ Magazine Soil & Health Association - Organic NZ Magazine
The Association is totally reliant on public support for its advocacy role. We receive no government or other official support, nor is it sponsored or supported by any commercial organisation, political party, religion or other vested interest. The Association believes that when New Zealand finally honours its

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We may need workers... Seasonal Jobs in New Zealand...

Print Listing - ComplEat Wellness ComplEat Wellness
We are whole food/organics/health shop with a large range of organic produce and friendly helpful staff :)
Products include:
Organic Veggies and Fruit - fresh each Tuesday
Organic chicken, beef cuts, sausages, mince
A large range of gluten free products
Packaged Organic grains, flours, nuts, seeds etc
Skin, body and house hold products.
Gluten free products
Dairy free products

Naturopath clinic and in store Naturopath Mon-Thurs.

Look forward to seeing you in store

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24 Windsor Street
Mon - Fri 10AM - 6PM
Saturday 10AM - 2PM

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