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Waikato Organic Teachers. Food and everything Organic in New Zealand at your fingertips to live an Organic life in New Zealand

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Print Listing - Learn about Living Sustainably Learn about Living Sustainably
Learn about Living Sustainably is based on an established lifestyle block and shares the knowledge and skills required to live off the land. A week long course each spring and autumn covers the wide range of skills required to produce your own food from land in NZ. Other courses are over a weekend or a day and focus on a specific topic - taking a look a the good life, planning your home orchard, pruning fruit trees, milking a house cow, processing food from the land, making sausages,bread or cheese, fencing, small machinery maintenance, making silage... Other courses can be run on demand. Our philosophy is to produce quality, organic, highly-nutritious food from our own land as efficiently and effectively as possible. We have been doing this for over ten years now and enjoy sharing our successes, and our failures, so others can build on our experience.

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7 Puketirau Rd
RD 1
Tirau, South Waikato

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Print Listing - Farmers Markets in New Zealand Farmers Markets in New Zealand
Farmers Market - Local Produce Fresh from Farmers

Fruit, Vegetables, Wine, Meat, Fish, Eggs, Crafts and more...

Want to find your local farmers market in New Zealand?...then you are at the right place...This website has a comprehensive list of farmers markets right across New Zealand.

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