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Waimate Organic Body Care. Food and everything Organic in New Zealand at your fingertips to live an Organic life in New Zealand

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Print Listing - Aspiring Organics Aspiring Organics
We grow, sell and trade organic fruit, vegetables and eggs! AND have an on-farm shop that includes a broad range of organic goods ranging from toothpaste to tomato paste. Our premise is to source locally grown produce first and only if unavailable, do we source regionally, south island, north island and internationally. We do things a bit differently here, that's why our store is on-site, so come on out and see for yourself our REAL organic free range chooks, sheep and calves. Please note we are only open Thurdays and Fridays!

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81 Black Peak Road
Mon - Fri 10AM - 3PM

We may need workers... Seasonal Jobs in New Zealand...

Print Listing - Farmers Markets in New Zealand Farmers Markets in New Zealand
Farmers Market - Local Produce Fresh from Farmers

Fruit, Vegetables, Wine, Meat, Fish, Eggs, Crafts and more...

Want to find your local farmers market in New Zealand?...then you are at the right place...This website has a comprehensive list of farmers markets right across New Zealand.

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